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Want to properly thank all of your wedding guests for coming - make your wedding reception a unique, memorable and stress free experience for everyone is the way to do just that.

A big part of making it stress free is to work with a team that can connect you with all the necessary parts and who knows what's supposed to happen when.

Here's a handy wedding reception timeline, based on a traditional reception timeline, 

  1. Start with Cocktail Hour - Hour 0
  2. Newlywed Arrival & First Dance - Hour 1
  3. Cheers & Toast - Hour 1:20
  4. Main Course - Hour 1:30
  5. Dancing & Party Festivities - Hour 2:45
  6. Cake Cutting - Hour 4
  7. More Dancing & Festivities - Hour 4:15
  8. Last Dance - Hour 4:45
  9. Final Farwell - Hour 5

This is not hard and fast we can definitely work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your unique needs. We can also host your wedding and wedding reception.

Ask about our Friday and Sunday Wedding Specials!