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The Woodward Theater is immensely proud to be a part of the Over-the-Rhine community and Cincinnati at large.

We believe that we have a special role as a central meeting place for events that impact our community.

In addition to facilitating Cincinnati's arts and music culture, the Woodward is a safe space to discuss ideas that strengthen our ties to one another.

Here are just a few community events we’ve had the honor of hosting in recent years:

  • Transgender Awareness Day celebration
  • Liberty Street project proposal & community forum
  • Ziegler Park proposal & community forum
  • Political candidacy announcements
  • Over-the-Rhine Community Housing motivational presentation for recently released offenders

In its 106 years of existence, this building has been a silent film theater, a used car business, a grocery store and a furniture store. In each of these incarnations, the space served the area in an important way.

By opening our doors to community leaders, we seek to have a hand in Cincinnati’s present and future. That’s why we’re happy to offer reduced pricing for community organizations and startups that are working to strengthen our city’s culture and make it an attractive place to visit and live.

At the basis for every event at The Woodward is the idea of folks coming together and imagining. Whether you’re planning a vigil, a celebration or a forum, that's where it all starts.

If you’d like to host your next community event here, we’d love to hear about what you have in mind and how we can help support your goals.

Tell us about your community event needs