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behind the uniform: a new class
July 10th, 2023 | 6:30 doors, 7:30 shows
In 2015, a documentary based on the daily life of a Cincinnati firefighter was
filmed. The team spent three days filming firefighters in their day to day routine, learning about why they perform the actions they do. Since its release in 2018, more than 223,000 views have been reached on YouTube; the documentary titled Behind the Uniform: A Look Inside the Cincinnati Fire Department has seen immense success in understanding the Queen City's first responders in crisis.

In 2021, it was time for a second installment. The privilege of following the 118th
Cincinnati recruit class for the entirety of their drill school proved incredible. Watching them grow as firefighters and as a class; getting to know each one of them: their faults, their strengths; and understanding the pressure of becoming public servants showcases the strength of every individual involved. One member would fall and they’d all pick them back up on their feet; the teamwork was impeccable. Their class motto, "One team, One fight" couldn't better describe the bond 118 has.

After months of filming, editing, and hard work, Behind the Uniform: A New Class highlights the challenges 118 faced, but also acknowledges the instructors and their experiences during training.

Not only is this a physical challenge, but also a mental obstacle course; pushing
them to reach their true potential is the goal for the [best team in the nation?].
Instructors show them that the only thing standing in their way is fear itself, and fear drives the new team to do their best. By the end of those six months, they can accomplish anything and certainly provide a service to our ever thankful community.
A portion of funds raised from raffle baskets will be donated to the Cincinnati Fire Museum.