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May 17th, 2019 | 7:00 doors, 7:30 show

Back by Popular Demand !!! Napoleon Maddox presents: Twice The First Time ~ (Stories of Millie-Christine)
Friday, May 17th 7 PM

In February 2017, "Twice the First Time" made its World Premier in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Contemporary Arts Center, then the following month, made its International Debut in Paris, France at the Banlieues Bleues Music Festival, where a documentary film was made of the project. The docu-film now airs on television across France.

Napoleon Maddox, Award Winning composer, writer, vocalist and Hip-hop performance artist from Cincinnati, revisits the true story of his ancestors, conjoined twin celebrities from Whiteville, NC, known as Millie-Christine McKoy. They were born into slavery in 1851, kidnapped twice as children, taken to England and exhibited in circuses and sideshows. 

The twins had an extraordinary destiny between captivity, exploitation and liberation. 

Napoleon tells the story from the perspective of his great great grandfather, Jacob McKoy, an enslaved African (father of Millie-Christine). This incredible story has a surprise twist at the end that leaves many in tears.

This multi media creation chronicles the twins life through a blend of hip hop, performance art, free jazz and video art. Napoleon teams his band ISWHAT?! with Award Winning music producer from France, known as Sorg, to create an organic and provocative interaction between hip hop and free jazz. They are also joined by the Award Winning French video designer known as Ease. 

Maddox uses the hyphen between Millie and Christine, as a metaphor for the hyphen between the African and American narrative in our society today.

Twice the First Time is an OSNRonin Production for the UNDERWORLD JAZZ FESTIVAL.